Projects I’m Working On

Here are a couple projects that I’m working on in my spare time. My goal for each of these projects is to monetize, scale, and automate.

Some are passion projects, some are businesses to solely generate revenue. Others are there to test new marketing strategies on.  

A niche site focused on African American content and merch. Goal is to scale this to 10k/mo and make it a household name.

Authority site that offers in-depth write ups & courses e-commerce. Goal: build out the course library and scale to 40k/mo in sales.

A local business in my wife’s home town of Jacksonville, FL. We get jobs and sub contract them out to local cleaners. Goal: 10k/mo

Grill Masters Club was a project I started on the side. In under 9 months, I got to 100+ monthly customers & sold it.  

New ecom store I am working on. Niche market, unique product, high perceived value and ability to sell based off emotion. Goal: 10k/mo

Long term membership site I am working on. Was inspired after seeing a couple amazing examples. Goal: 500 members paying $5/mo