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Madga Kay Madga Kay, Psychology for Marketers

If you're starting (or thinking of starting) your online business and need some help, then Eugene is your man. He has a profound knowledge of both technical aspects of setting up your business, as well as marketing (and that's rare!). So not only will he actually guide you step by step through the process of creating a website (like he did for me), he will also give you great tips on how to market yourself and sell your products. Eugene has given me some great tips on making my launches more lean and how to use various social platforms to get more people in.

Matěj Valtr Matěj Valtr, Video Bumper Factory

I consulted with Eugene about my video bumper website for startups. He drew out a detailed marketing flow. He then proceeded to help me select the theme and construct the site. Finally, he put together a genius launch flow that brought me my first customer.

Zikry Kholil Zikry Kholil, Co-Founder of Incitement

Eugene is a masterclass. His willingness and drive to teach and help other people to get into entrepreneurship or even growing their business out of love and compassion is what blows my mind.

He has worked with us for our Incitepreneurship Program, mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs with actionable steps to get their businesses off the ground.

Tharyn Taylor Tharyn Taylor, Mac Dojo | Tharyn.Me

Eugene has demonstrated expertise in digital marketing, brand management, and being an overall boss in entrepreneurship. He actually takes the action necessary to see results, validate ideas, and get customers.

All of the advice he has given for my business was worth implementing. It generated thousands of dollars. However, Eugene isn’t just biz-savvy, he’s a genuine and trustworthy friend. I would rely on him as a brother in life, in business, in everything. You will thank yourself for working with him.