GrantMe.Ca Case Study

Building back end automation to help scale revenue while reengaging leads

Project summary

I was recommended to Grantme.Ca by a good buddy of mine, Eddie. I had been setting up some crazy automation systems for another company and Eddie thought I could provide value. 

GrantMe helps Canadian students find scholarships. Simple enough. They do this through an online training and a done for you 

They had been using a complex mix of Mailchimp, Zapier, Wufoo, Ever webinar, SMS, and other apps to run their automation. They wanted to streamline this while adding some additional funnels and systems for their high ticket offering. 

The Strategy

I built everything out with Active Campaign, and removed Mailchimp from the equation. Then I:

  • Rewrote emails they had been using. 
  • Built an entire new funnel for the high ticket product
  • Integrated both funnels with Ever webinar & their course platform
  • Created a reengagement sequence
  • Set the new automation up for easy additions/scaling

What made this even better for them was they were able to see my automation structure and build on that. Looking at what they have added since me completing he project is quite amazing. 

Proven Results

These guys were already crushing it. They have pushed more than 15k people through the automate and have converted more than 5% into customers.

Plus they are set up to scale and introduce new products and automation into their business. I’ll take that as a win. 

Leads Sent Through The Automation

Percent conversion Rate Up from 3%

Percentage decrease in time from the addition automation

Words From The Client

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