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Thoughts from a Harlem Guy – Your Love, Passion, Pain, and Problems + Some nuggets

This is a post I wrote for the Fastlane forum. I was reflecting one day and these words poured out. I thought I would share them with you.


I write this post to the Fastlane forum while sitting at my desk staring out the window in Jacksonville, Florida.

I grew up in the projects in Harlem New York. Specifically Ralph J Rangle House on 159th Street & 8th Ave. Statistically I wasn’t suppose to go to college or travel the world. I was told this by my fraternity brother who at the time worked for the Department of Education.

Well I did go to college on scholarship, traveled the world (Hong Kong & Bangkok are my favs, South America close 2nd), got a cool jobs working for a start up in South East Asia doing marketing and product launches. I helped repair houses for villagers, made a lot of cash for companies, did my first TedX talk last year, and more.

So f**k statistics.

For this moment I am reflecting on everything that has happened in the last 3 months of the year. Hope you get something out of this. Thanks to everyone here for the quality content you post. I feel like while everyone is anonymous, there is a level of class and respect here in the Fastlane Forum. Respect.

What You Love

I personally say screw this. While it does make you happy, 9/10 times it does not make you money. EVERYONE I have spoken with who is marginally successful does not get paid doing what they love. I went to FSU (BCC Champs, Whoo Hoo), and hung out with a lot of athletes. I was surprised to learn that a lot of them did not love sports.

What did they love?

They loved hanging out with friends, traveling, video game, food, girls, etc.

When I asked them “why are you even doing this?” A lot of them said, ” I’m good at it and I can make money if I stay dedicated”.

I love playing my Xbox one. Titan Fall and Battle Field 4 now. I love traveling and hanging with my fiancee. I like chatting with my friends and family. Like all humans I also have a love for sex and eating. None of these will ever help me become successful. Unless I start a traveling porn airlines with video games on the flights to Europe.

So I agree with MJ [Creator of the Millionaire Fastlane Forum] that trying to get paid doing what you love should be thrown out the window. Focus on your passion.


I found out 2 years ago when I made my first dollar online, that your passion will make you successful. It will fulfill you.

I am passionate about helping others, solving problems, and making money. Simple. When I think about a new business idea I think about how can I solve a pain and help someone while making money.

I use to want to create to say I CREATED this. That means nothing. I have spent 3 days creating logos and infographics no one has seen. I spent time creating blog posts people didn’t care for. Why because I was focused on the wrong thing.

EVERYTHING I do now is focused on one of those three if not ALL three. What are you passionate about? Let that fuel why you wake up.

Pain & Problems

When I read the Millionaire Fastlane and discovered people like Dane Maxwell my life changed. Not because I had some crazy idea. Because I could see the matrix.

I realized that I don’t need an idea. I could let people tell me their problems and I create the solution that solved their pain or fixed their problem. They give me the idea.

Currently I’m creating validated crash courses that help people with a specific thing. The first one had over 800 students. I’m also creating a SaaS solution (we are in pre-sale phase) for the medical industry with a good friend from South Carolina. Plus I do consulting.

These 3 things make me money. While sometimes I dislike doing things related to these (cold calls, etc), I get the satisfaction of knowing I am making money and solving problems. If I do it long enough I will be able to have sex while traveling and playing video games :-)

So just solve a problem. If a lot of people have a problem/pain you will make money if you solve it.

Some quick nuggets I have learn on my journey so far

  • Treat people good – Do this genuinely. A lot of people are hateful and mean for no reason. When you help people good stuff happens. It’s only logical. You help millions, millions want to help you.
  • Collaborate don’t compete – Don’t be greedy – I remember wanting to create a course. I was about to launch. Had a early bird list of interested people. But I found a guy who was an actual expert who could bring more creditability to everything. I asked him would he be game and he said yes. Turns out he had a business doing what I did the course on. Was doing webinars via Skype and already had a list of people. I had to split revenue but the bran is better and we make more sales. Later I can create another course alone (which i’m working on now) but at the time that made sense.
  • Ask questions – dumb people are smart. Ever see an “idiot” who was successful and asked a lot of questions? All the time you do. They just ask questions until they get everything they need. They don’t over complicate it. While the “smart” guy sat over there not asking anything. Ask bloggers question. Ask MJ questions. Ask your idols questions. Email, Facebook and Twitter allow you to do that. Worst thing they could do is not respond or send you a nasty email. But I bet they won’t.
  • Make money – While you shouldn’t praise money, you should want it. You can do SO much more with money. if you like building houses for the poor, how many could you build if you were a millionaire? Money let’s you scale. ASK FOR THE SALE. You may sound rude or brash. But if you are solving a problem or a pain you have the right to ask for money.
  • Pick up the phone (or write an email to get the phone call) - I did sales for 2 years. I hated calling people to sell them stuff. Ahhh I hated it. But when I started my SaaS project I learned the value in it. It’s a game. The more you call, the more polished your script is, the more leads you get, the more sells you get. Call 100 people, contact 50, convert 5 at $150 a month. If you can do this weekly and get better at it. Your numbers can change to call 100, contact 75, covert 15 at $150 a month. $2250 vs $750. Makes sense doesn’t it? Suck it up and call. Do it with friends and make it fun.

Hope this helps everyone who read it. I would love any other nuggets you have or stories. Stay awesome guys! Remember to be the spark!

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