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Thoughts from a Harlem Guy – Your Love, Passion, Pain, and Problems + Some nuggets

This is a post I wrote for the Fastlane forum. I was reflecting one day and these words poured out. I thought I would share them with you.


I write this post to the Fastlane forum while sitting at my desk staring out the window in Jacksonville, Florida.

I grew up in the projects in Harlem New York. Specifically Ralph J Rangle House on 159th Street & 8th Ave. Statistically I wasn’t suppose to go to college or travel the world. I was told this by my fraternity brother who at the time worked for the Department of Education.

Create a business in 24 hours

Experiment – 24 Hr Business Challenge – Can It Scale?

If you’ve been reading my blog you know I’m quick to test a new idea.

A secret goal of mine is to make 1 million dollars by the time I turn 30. I am a stronger believer that if you get off your ass and take shots, eventually you will score. Let’s do a quick recap of things I have created and how they did.

  • 12 Hr WordPress (did ok)
  • The Import Crash Course (success)
  • Consulting (success)
  • Anti Wantrepreneur (Success – I don’t make money from it but it has hit all the goals I set for it)
  • The C-Guard  (did well in the beginning, bombed long-term, got little attention)
  • Membership Crash Course (still validating)
Google Sergey google glass

My Trip To California And My Presentation At Googleplex [Video]

I recently just went to San Francisco to give a presentation to the folks over at Google. The foundation I work with I Talk To Strangers presented on how we could use their technology to help spread the movement globally.

It’s pretty cool. We will be using Google hangout is some pretty cool ways to bring people together.

It’s amazing what happens when you continue to push and push.

Check out the recap and pictures below. Side note, we had someone call security on us because of we were riding the Google bikes. Lol it was classic.

Ryan Lee Interview King

[Membership Series] He Makes 7 Figures a Month with Membership Sites… So can you (Interview)

In wake of my new course on membership websites The Membership Crash Course I wanted to take it back with a pass interview I did with continuity king Ryan Lee. Please share this post as it will increase the number of RSVPs for the course. I want to get to 300 RSVPs before I start creating the course.

Ryan Lee created the membership site Strength Coach and Underground Strength Coach. Is currently doing 7 figures a month in revenue. MONTHLY! This guy is machine and the post will make you look around you and see what you can turn into a membership website.

Learning Ruby on Rails

Learning Ruby On Rails… Training My Brain All Over Again

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Movies like The Matrix, Girl with The Dragon Tattoo, The Social Network, Start Up Kids, all get me hype to create. But I hit a brick wall! “Eugene… You know you can’t code”. Words I utter to myself. I have always loved technology and the idea that you can use your computer to literarily create anything amazes me. Only thing stopping you from creating the next Twitter or Pinterest is your desire to learn.

I have alway had an appreciation for people who create what their crazy minds ponder. Artists, film directors, musicians, programmers. So after starting my SaaS project, I decided to learn a new language. And i’m not talking about about French. I’m talking Ruby on Rails.

Why Ruby On Rails?

The honest answer? Because of Basecamp (formally 37 Signals). Ruby on Rails is a free web application framework created by David Heinemeier Hansson, one of the 37signals programmers. It was originally created for internal use so they could communicate with each other. I use their project management management software Basecamp a lot and loved the simplicity of it.

About Eugene

Eugene is a New York native who has traveled the world working on crazy projects he loves. He loves Xbox One, Blogging, and Learning


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