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Start With Your Own Money

Recently I have found a new passion and joy in being my own boss. As of now I have been jobless since November of 2013 and I love it.

The freedom is un explainable. I live on the water right next to a park, across the street from a Starbucks and walking distance to a movie theatre. Life can’t get better than that.

Well it can be a bitch if you don’t have a plan. I’m talking about the true entrepreneurial life.

I am now forced to eat the food I hunt. Every client I get, deal I close, or ebook I sell is paying for daily expenses, bill, vices, adventures.

Land Your tedx speaking event

7 Ways to Land Your First TEDx Talk & Rock It!

We all think how it would be to give an inspirational speech in front of hundreds of people. Most people cringe at the thought of standing on that stage, all eyes on them. But the truth is, speaking publicly is good for you.

According to National Institute of Mental Health,  74% of people are more afraid of public speaking than they are of dying. Makes you think. What’s so scary about speaking in front of total strangers.

I did my first TEDx talk in 2013 and it was an emotional roller coster. From the initial invite email, to me getting on stage, I was nervous wreck.

TED is a global brand that can have many benefits for your brand. It is an awesome conversation starter and it’s great when people randomly show your talk at events and gathering. My TEDx Talk: How To Find Your Passion and Inner Awesome has over 190,000 views on Youtube and drives a lot of traffic to my website.

The Cguard on a Cargo Ship from Alibaba

How I Made My First $20 with Alibaba and a Cotton Strip Website


We created a course on how to import. The Import Crash Course Enjoy and start importing from China. Get that business off the ground baby!!!!

After graduating college, I started reading a lot of self improvement books and blogs. I came across the 4 hour Work Week. I recommend it for anyone that hates their boring 9-5 office job or just wants to start a business. It explores how to start a side business to bring in extra income. Then how to set it up on auto pilot so you have the freedom to travel the world. Interesting…


KickStarter Hacked – How to Raise 20k in 30 Days

Everyone has an awesome idea floating around in that thing they call a head. But many of the ideas are only awesome to them. How do you get your idea noticed by the masses and validated at the same time? Kick Starter baby.

I recently did a campaign along with the team of I Talk to Strangers. These guys are amazing. Talents in all areas from public relations, to tech, to business and finance. This would not of had been possible without them. Such a great group of individuals. Here is a behind the scenes look at our kickstarter campaign. Hopefully you get some value out of it that’ll help you launch your own project.

Travel the world for cheap

The Art of Smart Living – Earn USD, Pay in Rupees, Live on Pesos… or Baht

I have been in Malaysia for a little over a month. Having a blast and doing cool things everyday. Compared to the US, things are extremely inexpensive.

I have met a bunch of interesing people so far. Students, bloggers, world travelers just to name a few. It surpised me that I was having a similar convo with many of them. It went something like this:

Who Is Eugene

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