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15 Amazing Interviews That Will Change Your Life

“Listen, you are in a privileged position to learn a thing or two. Keep your mouth shut and your eyes open.” Denzel Washington – Training Day

You know that old uncle who you think is Yoda? He seems to know everything and has experienced every situation know to man. He has fought a whale, wrestled alligators, survived the bird flu while putting out forrest fires. He seems to have all the wisdom in the world and you love hearing his conversations.

When you listen to interviews of your idols, mentors, or experts in your field,  you tapping into their mind. You are listening to their conversations and joining their inner circle.

I put together a massive list of interviews I did for the Anti Wantrepreneur Podcast. I stopped the podcast to focus more on revenue generating podcast but the interviews are still getting thousands of downloads per day. People email me all the time telling they love the podcast and when am I bringing it back. I may one day but here they are. Grab a drink and a notepad. Time for you to listen to your entrepreneurial uncles.

How to outsource your business and life

A Short Guide on How to Outsource Your Business & Life

Doing work you don’t know how to do takes a lot of time. 80/20. 80% of your results should come from 20% of your efforts. Spending 3 weeks gathering 3,000 emails makes no sense if  you can pay someone $50 to do it for you in one day. You can use those 3 weeks to find customers or market.

A lot of people who read the blog asked me about outsourcing so I thought I would find someone who knows it better than me.

I met Dillon Carter online and we clicked. He was one of the first people to join the Import Crash Course . He has created courses and validates like a maniac. He is also an outsourcing machine.

Start, Stop, Continue… Rinse and Repeat

I noticed that successful companies follow the start, stop, continue methodology.

  • What can I start doing that will help me be more productive and reach my goals?
  • What can I stop doing that’s is causing is making me as unproductive as a?
  • What can I continue to do that’s providing value to me and my customers/readers/users?

I love to start new things. I really do. There’s a certain high I get from doing this. I have some things I can continue. But the big thing is what can I stop?

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Psychology For Marketers

How to Use Psychology to Improve Your Website in 9 Easy Steps

This guest post by Magda Kay will explain exactly how a to use psychology to improve the overall look of your website in 9 easy steps. She has a blog over at Psychology For Marketers. The blog is jammed packed full of marketing wisdom.

This post shows you how to optimize your site to mind f*$k people, more or less.


A Couple Entrepreneurial Books to Read – 28 of Them

If you don’t read buddy, I have to say that you are missing out big time. Reading allows you to get into the mind of brilliant people from all walks of life. Want to be a creator? Read Benjamin Franklin: An American Life. Want to start a business? Read the $100 Start Up.

Books are the world’s great invention. And with the Kindle or other ebook readers you can have 100s of them in your pocket.

Here is my prized collection of books. I will not say I have finished them all. That would be a lie. But I have have gone through majority of them and they have changed my life. I make time to read everyday.